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21 Responses to “New book about The KLF (and their Doctor Who connections)”

  1. Might draw your attention to this sleeper agent that is in your midst.  http://www.luketemplewalsh.com/2011/02/joe-pluto-underworld-character.html

  2. radley says:

    I think they’re best know for their iconic Chill Out album.

  3. Fantastic stuff. I am a big fan of the KLF/JAMMS/etc etc. Heroes. What I love about them was that they never took it seriously, except when they did, but even then they weren’t, except they were really, but said they weren’t. Very British.
    That tune also has a big chunk of ‘Blockbuster’ by The Sweet. Also that video cost about GBP4000, 3000 of which was the helicopter hire.

    • 100_billion_planets says:

      Big fan as well! 

      They may have burnt all their money and back catalogue, but their manual “how to get a nr 1 hit the easy way” (or something like that) shines until eternity on my (digital) bookshelf! A bit outdated but highly recommended for anyone who wants to make it big in music…

  4. Dan Clarke says:

    3AM Eternal? The KLF is going to rock you? What time is love? Hello?

  5. Mister44 says:

    I. Love. The. KLF!

    Original instrumental “What Time is Love?”


  6. johnhiggs says:

    There’s also a tumblr for the book at http://thefuckersburnedthelot.tumblr.com/ and an algorithmically-generated Discordian audio stream at http://radioeris.com/ (until Friday, anyway – as explained here http://www.shardcore.org/shardpress/index.php/2012/11/22/radio-eris/

    If you can forgive the flagrant plugs.

  7. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    I just remember them getting sued by Abba

  8. pandarzan says:

    Seriously, people!…Tammy Frickin’ Wynett as the Queen of Mu Mu Land? Hello?! Hmm, maybe I’m more gay than geek.

  9. uglyredhonda says:

    In the US, I’d definitely say: best known for “3AM Eternal” and the song with Tammy Wynette (“Justified and Ancient”).

    (Apropos of nothing: the Wynette tune is on iTunes, but mislabelled as “Stand By Jams” on The White Room.)

  10. Mechno Sferatu says:

    You know, I would totally buy this book if it weren’t Kindled. Seriously, after the way Kindle has f’ed up in the past, why does anyone still trust them?

    • johnhiggs says:

       The paperback will be out in Feb, Mechno.

      • Mechno Sferatu says:

         No offense to you at all, John. Thank you for putting together this book. I’m sure it’s great and I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

  11. Spieguh says:

    They were anxious to groove you.

  12. taras says:

    The KLF were always interesting for their stance on copyright (‘Kopyright Liberation Front’) too. Maybe one of the few big, sample-based chart acts as comfortable with being stolen from as they were stealing from others. Bill Drummond is also a legend in his own right, and has worked on some really fascinating books/art/projects since the KLF were put on hold.

    • Ronald Pottol says:

      And in 2018, their 23 year contract of silence about the KLF will be over.

      • Mechno Sferatu says:

        They have cheated that contract many a time, if I’m not mistaken. If you count K Foundation, Blacksmoke, and One World Orchestra, that is.
         ‘m very curious what the end of the contract will bring…

  13. XLM says:

    I think it’s James Cauty that’s been doing the art work lately. He’s doing dioramas now.  http://www.ariotinajamjar.com/acatalog/RIOTS_IN_JAM_JARS.html

    Some of James Cauty’s past art projects. http://jamescautydesignsolutio http://farm2.staticflickr.com/ http://www.noiseking.com/james