Open, CC-licensed photo course draws up to 35,000 students


8 Responses to “Open, CC-licensed photo course draws up to 35,000 students”

  1. Andrew MacCormack says:

    Worried about the ergonomics of your monitor placement in that photo, Cory. You need to raise it up a bit. Also surprised that your monitor isn’t bigger :)

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      That’s just an illusion due to the angle of the shot and the way that the photo is cropped.  The top of your monitor should be slightly below eye level unless you want to crank your head back and send a lifetime of agonizing repercussions down your whole spinal column.

  2. I find workspaces like this crazy inspiring, there ought to be a more positively connotated word for ‘clutter’. I’m curious about your wall shelves. They look simple (and hopefully affordable?)

  3. kbd says:

    Woot I have that portrait in my room framed with a page from Little Brother! 

  4. hogan says:

    who does the dusting??   and how??

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      I run over it all with a feather duster a couple times a month. My daughter also enjoys “playing” with the feather duster, so she becomes child labour. The Roombas take care of the dust once it’s on the ground.

  5.  My room is quite similar in composition (books, objects, recording gear, picture frames) and I find that the best way to dust is to frequently use the tipped hose from the vacuum cleaner in the small spaces, and not really touch any of my stuff at all with it. And I jam the vacuum hose into the wire spaghetti behind the desk to collect dust bunnies.

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