Overpriced gadgets

Avram Pilch: "A truly superior product is definitely worth spending more. Unfortunately, sometimes tech companies think too much of their wares and too little of your intelligence." [Gizmodo]


      1. Really?

        I thought it was worth a glance (single page, not slide show) as an interesting reminder of some of the “ahead of their time” gadgets that were nifty, and sometimes groundbreaking, but completely obsolete 18 months later.

        Most illustrated the handicap of being first to market.

        Clearing out my old storage I recently ran across a box of various “special issue on the 21st century” magazines I had saved back in 1999… they are full of similar products, and mostly vastly underestimated the accelerating advances and spread of information tech. I guess my saving the paper versions not realizing they would all be freely cached on the web kind of illustrates the same thinking.

        On the other hand, watching some reruns of Star Trek TNG last night it looked like everyone had iPads.

  1. The Surface?  Really?  I guess $120 is a lot to spend on a cover, but it doesn’t seem that much more exorbitant to me than a $40 iPad Smart Cover.  Seems like a pretty minor offender compared to some of the other items on this list. 

    1. I guess the point is that, with the Surface, that keyboard/cover is constantly shown as being essential to using the Surface, and not really an option. So, it really should be included with the thing, and not sold as a $120 add-on.

      The iPad Smart Cover, on the other hand, isn’t necessary at all to the functioning of the thing. It’s a true optional accessory.

      1. There are however, two different surface covers manufactured by Microsoft, and no doubt some 3rd parties will be developing their own covers down the line (or have already, I’m unsure). So whilst I agree a cover of some sort is essentially necessary, it makes sense for Microsoft not to bundle. 

        Also, “Starting from $499” is better marketing than “Starting from $629” or whatever it would cost with the cover.

  2. It’s a very strange list to be described as “The 15 Most Overpriced Gadgets of All Time”. I would think “All Time” would cover centuries of history — this is mostly things from the past decade, with one or two things from the 1980s.

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