Check out the McAfee Mind Map

Hilary Sargent, investigator and chartmaker, created this map of murder suspect and former antivirus mogul John McAfee's bizarre exploits in Belize. Visit her site for the full version and a downloadable PDF!


  1. You need to tell them to stop with the bullshit about bath salts and the zombie face eating thing, BB showed it as bull not long ago, but this chart has it as the cause.

      1. The man who ate the homeless guy’s face in Florida was not on bath salts and there was no reason to think he was on bath salts. It was a trumped up “fact” added to an already sensational incident to cause even more drug hysteria. 

        I may not agree with the use of bath salts but I stopped reading the infographic after I saw that because it bugged me enough. (cue being told I’m overly sensitive)

        Anywho, the couple things I read before I got to that sentence made the infographic seem fairly clever!

  2. Neither and both? just trying to be silly. I did come across as a bit harsh!

    Just a small point, but the zombie face eater guy was not on bath salts at all, it was total bullshit from the media as usual, and BB did do an article on it being false. But this chart still says it was bath salts.

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if you were reading this map when all of a sudden nuclear Armageddon broke out and the Earth was covered in atomic fire? And you were  spirited up to the Pearly Gates and St. Peter would be like “sup” and you’d be like “what’s going on” and then he’d be like “so, what were you doing in the last moments of your life?” and you’d be all “well there’s this crazy old dude named John McAfee and he went to Belize and the cops are after him for fucking teenagers or something” and St. Peter would be like “dude, language” and you’d say “sorry” and he’d be like “go on, though, that shit is crazy”

  4. Hello,

    This is not a bad attempt, but it suffers from much outdated and inaccurate information about Dr. McAfee.


    Aryeh Goretsky

    1. Protip: you’re not making a very good case when you refer to someone as “Doctor” when they have only an honorary PhD from a college that doesn’t even have actual graduate programs.

      1. Hello,

        Thank you for sharing that with me, Halloween_Jack.  I was unaware of the difference.

        After reading both and looking at the materials on Roanoke College’s web site and it is not clear if this is a “honoris causa” or a “jure dignitatis” degree.  Would you know which one this it might be? 

        I am more surprised that a four year college could bestow a doctorate, even an honorary one, so I’m guessing it is the hon. version, but do not want to jump to any conclusions, especially given my gaffe around improper titular addressing so far.

        I will try contacting Mr./Dr. McAfee about this to see if I can find out what he uses, but do not expect a prompt reply (I suspect he is receiving quite a bit of email these days, and messages from old employees are further down the food chain than those from, say, his lawyers).


        Aryeh Goretsky

  5. One of the things that perhaps could be updated is the fact that McAfee retracted his allegation that I cheated on my wife. Thanks,
    Jeff Wise

    1.  as has been pointed out in other venues, it has nothing to do with anti-virus folks. there are a few ‘unusual’ people in any group. they stand out while the normal ones fade into the woodwork.

      most people are only aware of the highest profile AV folks – they don’t all get to be high profile just by doing a really good job.

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