Iron Egghead: Explain biology using eight everyday items

Scientific American has an awesome contest going on right now. They're challenging you to make a video explaining some part, process, or system in the human body using eight objects: Yourself, a writing surface, a writing implement, rubber bands, paper clips, string, cups , and balls. You have to use all eight items. You can't use anything else.

You can read the full instructions and rules online. And check out the sample video, made by Scientific American interns Isha Soni and Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato.

Bonus: The first 100 qualified entries all get a free digital subscription to Sci Am.

Via Bora Zivkovik


  1. I made a model to explain the Citric Acid Cycle using only a toilet plunger and a paper clip.

  2. poor poor Fibula, always forgot.  (“it isn’t really necessary in humans, y’know”  yeah, but it’s named after a Roman brooch.  “so what?! i had a cousin that had his fibula removed and he could still walk. ok he sort’ve lurched a bit…”  yeah but the vid included the patella and it’s about as important  “no way dude… no f’n way”)

  3. Everyone probably looks at that list and thinks of the same thing immediately: “reproductive system” was the first idea taken.

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