MoMath, more problems


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  1. Nash Rambler says:

    The Museum of Mathmatics?  Two “borings” make an “interesting?”

  2. DevinC says:

    I’m glad we’ll have a climate-controlled environment for those theorems that are getting worn out and stuff.

  3. Peter warnecke says:

    Opening on Dec 15. Not to be confused with Oct 17.

    (Decimal 15 = Octal 17. Maths jokes…)

  4. bkuehner says:

    12/15 is the public opening. 12/12 is the opening ceremony, which is a) sold out and b) expensive (basically a fundraiser).

    I’ve been in the museum over the past week, working on an exhibit. It has been interesting watching all the pieces come together. MoMath is going to have a bunch of great stuff- lots of very interactive exhibits, aimed at a wide age range.

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