Steampunk pipe-lamp with valve-switch


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  1. CthuluJones says:

    More Dieselpunk.

  2. William Nicholls says:

    Natural GasPunk.

  3. carlogesualdodivenosa says:

    Perfect, if only he’d stripped the plastic off the handle (or maybe used an old gate valve instead).  And yes, when I have completed my own steampunk piece I’ll put it up for everyone to criticise.

  4. Jay Converse says:

    Now THAT is f-ing steampunk.  +5, PeteJ

  5. Preston Sturges says:

    When we were kids anything like this would have inevitably turned into a pipe. 

  6. Ken Williams says:

    I don’t get how the valve switch works, is there more info?

    • eobanb says:

      Most likely it works by turning a small electric switch inside the pipe instead of opening/closing a real valve.

      • I’ve never tried removing the ball from a full-port ball valve.  I just figured they were cast in place, but, hey, a drill press can do mighty things.

        • SamSam says:

          Possibly you could just do it by having two brushes next to the ball, so that when the valve is open, the brushes are touching nothing and the circuit is broken, and when the valve is closed both brushes are touching the ball and the circuit is closed.

          This makes sense, but would be slightly flimsy. Does anyone know further details, or is a DIY version? I tried to create something identical to this several months ago, but gave up due to the flimsiness of the switch I created.

  7. sdmikev says:

    man, that is the only steampunk thing I’ve seen that is actually cool and not dorky.  no offense.

  8. bigfatlamer says:

    Nice looking lamp. 

    But to clarify….

    Steampunk = made out of brass and copper (plus a lot of “style”)

    Made out of brass and copper != steampunk

  9. Jeffrey Bell says:

    When I lived in an old Boston brownstone there were some lighting fixtures like that.  It even had a valve, but it wouldn’t turn.

    The reason is that they had outfitted the electric lights by pushing the wires through the old gaslight tube.

  10. King_Rocket says:

    First year plumbing Apprentice-Punk?

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