The "Perfect Pencil"

Faber Castell's Perfect Pencil is described by the ad copy as "the culmination of the history of the pencil", which somehow does not quite prepare one for the eye-watering $240 price tag—or that of the $500 gift set! Don't worry, though: refills are only $50. [via Uncrate]

Previously: The new Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil is a fine tribute to the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602.


  1. Frankly, it looks like those ridges in the barrel would hurt my fingers, like the ridges cut into those old Yikes! pencils from the 90s. I’ve seen these in fine stationary shops, but never tried it out. I prefer my Palomino Blackwings and Generals’ Semi-Hex. Expensive, for a pencil, but WAY WAY less than this.

    1. I didn’t find anything on your site that indicates you are a pencil blogger. All I can say is that I’m disappointed… :) 

  2. I would literally pay TENS OF DOLLARS for that. Well, maybe ten to twenty, anyway. Mainly because the integrated sharpener might be nice.


  3. If you like the pencil, I have a ream of paper you might be interested in.

    Just hold on while I knock up a wanky box for it and slap on a $1257 price tag.

    1. C’mon, man, I’m not paying for that until you come up with a story about how some Ethnic (in a totally sensitive and ecologically responsible way) supplier lovingly and artisinally produced it from some plant fiber that they were using before it was cool. If you can handle that, we’ll talk.

  4. That is a really purdy pencil but, it’s a pencil, right? $200? I suspect this is one of those products that will always be on sale for 60% off and is not intended to sell at the supposed list price. So, you’re like, I got this really snazzy pencil for ONLY $80. Instead of, yeah, I just got ripped for $80 on a freakin’ pencil.

    I wish they would sell just the barrel part and you could stick that on regular pencil. That would be really useful. I’d pay, like, $30 for such a dealy bob.

    1. Actually, there is a product like the one you’re describing. I used one now and then in art class. 

      It’s basically a metal sleeve that clips on the stubs of pencils and extends the life of your implement. I dont think it has a swanky eraser /sharpener, but you can spend the extra $240 on something to cushion the blow to your ego.

      1.  I think the point is that the swanky eraser / sharpener is the desirable bit. A pencil extender is for poor people. (I have two)

        1. Click the middle link. That one has a sharpener. No eraser, mores the pity, but for us plebeians, it is an acceptable alternative to the platinum plated pencil dohookie of glory.

  5. Maybe this is because I use them for writing (and increasingly rarely, at that) not artistic purposes where variations in line and shade are much more valuable; but pencils have always struck my as a relatively solved problem. A mechanical model using .5mm or smaller lead of decent durability will give you a consistent, not-to-smudgy line, and never require sharpening, and can carry enough lead internally to last for months to years of steady use.

    Totally unromantic; but your basic Pentel p205 .5mm costs $5, less in quantity, and will probably last longer than you can avoid losing it (unless exposed to high voltage arc discharges, so don’t do that, learned that the hard way).

        1. I had a hard time getting them in Canada. I ended up getting a japanese friend to send me a pair. Amazone said they c/wouldn’t send them to Canada and I could find no retailers here. 

  6. Americans can’t afford to return to the higher tax rates we paid under Clinton or Reagan or earlier decades when the economy prospered. We need to ensure that job creators have enough money. How can we afford to create jobs without that capital? After I finish writing this message with my $240 pencil and send it to my transcriptionist to post it on your world wide web site, I will dash off my report about the healthy market for three-figure pencils, and then I’ll set down the details proving why job creators need tax breaks.

    1. ‘Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.’

  7. Just one example of why we need to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.  Just think of the poor $250 pencils that might not get bought if we squandered that money on inferior pencils for public-school kids.

  8. The derp is strong in these comments. 
    Its a platinum plated piece of functional jewelry.
    There’s a plastic version for $15 and a steel version for under $50. And they fit normal pencils. You don’t have to use the (admittedly overpriced) refills.

    1. You’re right. I went to Amazon and typed “Perfect Pencil” into the search engine and there are several less expensive versions of the exact thing-a-mabob. I am now thinking this would be an amazing stocking stuff (not the super high priced version) for my teenager who is into sharp pencils. 

      Also, if you haven’t seen the graphite gel pens – I searched and searched for an image or link for this and I don’t know what has happened to this product. However, every now and then I can find #2 graphite gel pens that look just like yellow pencils but they are pens with graphite ink in them. They are eraseable. They are fantastic for school kids because the never need sharpening. This is the closest I can find but it’s not a trick thing like this implies, it’s just a normal pen that has graphite in it:

      1. I’ve tried the Sharpie Liquid pencils and they are shite. Terrible flow. They leave blank spots and globs of “ink” that smudge easily. Totally useless, though I’ve heard people like them for plotters. 

        1. I haven’t used the Sharpie product, but the ones that look just like #2 pencils are freakin’ amazing. They don’t last very long though. Sometimes they turn up in 3 packs at the local pharmacy, but they are a real hit or miss item to locate.

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