The worst things for sale

Drew of Toothpaste for Dinner and KOMPRESSOR fame collates the worst things that are for sale. These include voice-activated grocery list dispensers, electric bag sealers, and the purportedly funny book, HTML for Babies. "Is there anything funnier than taking an adult idea like HTML and giving it to a baby in a format called “HTML For Babies”?", he writes. "Yes." [⟿ Joel]


  1. The worst thing about being a regular follower of the Worst Things For Sale blog is that inevitably I click on the products in order to read the hilarious reviews, and now Amazon thinks I have serious interest in all of these products and everywhere I go online I’m bombarded with advertising for neoprene sleeves you put over your kids thumb to stop them from sucking it, or giant bags of chia seeds.

    At first I was pissed off, but now I sort of enjoy the fact that I’ve perverted their targeted advertising system into a dadaist parade of meaningless desire and empty dreams.

        1. Currently, Amazon keeps trying to sell me bodice rippers. I can’t figure that one out at all.

  2. That last bit putting down the “HTML for Babies” book reminds me of Leonard Maltin’s famous review for a now forgotten movie called “Isn’t It Romantic?”. His review was one word: “No”.

    1. My Christmas present to my father last year.  He even used it!  Once; it takes forever to clean, apparently.

      This year he gets the Banana Saver (guess Boing Boing found it before I did).

      I have a quibble with the next item though: Spreadable Bacon is awesome, although not quite what you initially expect: it’s a bit citrusy, at least the brand I had.  But cruel, cruel Costco no longer stocks it, and I’ve never found it elsewhere.

  3. Not bad, although they should have passed over the “Boyfriend Pillow” in favor of the even sadder counterpart. (Although this review does make it kind of worth it.) It also would have been funnier if they’d noted that, when most women substitute one specific part for the entire guy, it isn’t an arm and part of the torso.

  4. This blog really is hit or miss. A few of the items are poorly designed, but drew fails to puzzle out the reasons why someone would want to design one in the first place:

    Look, that $26 wall socket has USB plugs built in! That would be a great idea if every single USB device ever made didn’t already come with a 120v-to-USB adapter, and ifreplacements didn’t literally cost pennies, and if every computer everywhere didn’t have 3 USB plugs on them too.

    I find USB Chargers annoying because they’re bulky. I can’t plug my ipad into my imac because when I sleep my iMac, it turns off the power, a trait it shares with many other computers both desktop and laptop, Besides, recharging something from a battery powered laptop is dumb. So the ac outlet with the usb plugs would seem like a dandy solution, were it not for the fact that the USB sockets don’t adhere  to the “USB Power Delivery Specification.”

    He questions the usefulness of a garbage disposal– well, my Mom has to cart her own garbage to the dump. So it’s rather convenient for her– though perhaps composting is more responsible. 

    I did notice that he picked up on the $600 game “Advanced Civilization”. IIRC, that game is a expansion to Avalon Hill’s Civilization– your empire can now be twice the size, but you have to own a copy of the original game It’s a classic, and very different than the Sid Meier games, but it’s probably not worth $800.

  5. I actually bought a pair of those fake tattoo sleeves once, but it was part of a practical joke in which I radically altered my appearance (haircut, facial hair, glasses, etc.) while my wife was out of town for a week to see if she’d recognize me when I picked her up at the airport. (She didn’t.)

  6. TL;DR what page had congresscritters listed?  Or did Chris Dodd already bribe them all?

  7. Kind of subjective. Ciltrano, for a start, can be a very important ingredient in Asian cuisine. And I guess there’s no Georgian dish without it. However, haters gonna hate.

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