Tim Heidecker takes over Rolling Stone, shows off excellent dream covers

Here is something you should know is happening: Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric and the Cain Train) has taken over Rolling Stone magazine. At least that's what he's telling us, and why he's posting his "dream covers" and holding meetings with Matt Taibbi. Does it need to be real? Is Wikipedia the final word on this? No, you just have to bear witness, then form your own conclusion. Don't overthink Tim Heidecker, just enjoy him and his arguments with Jann Wenner. (via Tim Heidecker on Twitter)


  1. That Jeff Lynne cover is effing brilliant!  It’s:
    1. What RS would look like if it was run by The Dude and Walter Sobchak in between bowling sessions.
    2. Better than the “industry that celebrates itself”, Katy Perry/Justin Bieber approach that drives me up the wall about RS.

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