What's new in Boing Boing's Video archives

Some of our loyal readers may not yet be aware that we've launched Boing Boing's all-new Video page, where all of the videos we blog on Boing Boing are viewable in one ginormous grid of genuine genius.

Some recent picks:

* Chris Lee of Nashville, Tennessee wants to build a full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon.
* Jazz legend Dave Brubeck passed away at the age of 91.
* 3 design students created "Pinokio," a kind of animatronic version of the adorable animated Pixar lamp
* Why did food and agribusiness chemical companies spend so much to defeat a GMO food-labeling measure?
* Do the animals understand that it's their birthday? How, precisely, does one celebrate an animal's birthday.
* Mark's jaw-droppingly professional unboxing video of Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years.
* Amazing Insects: a short video featuring cute insects made from random junk, set to weird synth music.

Check it out!