Stickers that give life to inanimate objects


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  1. Halloween_Jack says:

    I brought some of the inanimate objects in my kitchen to life, once. Big mistake. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and hear them whispering to each other, but when I’d walk into the kitchen they’d act all innocent like they were never animated, even though some of them had changed position. I’d be no more than halfway back to bed before I’d hear them starting up again.

    One night, at about three AM, I’d had enough. I turned on the kitchen light and grinned. “Hey, everybody!”, I exclaimed. “Meet Mr. Hammer! He may not have much personality, but he knows… who’sBOSS!” They tried apologizing, but it was far too late. I had some fast talking to do when the cops showed up, and I had to replace almost all my kitchenware with mismatched stuff from Goodwill, but I could finally sleep through the night.

    I haven’t had that problem since… but I leave Mr. Hammer on the kitchen counter, just in case.

  2. chgoliz says:

    “yes they’re removable (though we can’t think why you’d remove one)”

    To wash the cup.

    /hints from Heloise mode off

  3. Different take on similar idea to turn plastic bottles into bath toys…

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