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26 Responses to “Learn how to make an entrance the Bill Murray way”

  1. qwerty says:

    Uhhh… tasing someone *while your partner is holding them* seems like a bad idea.

    • sdmikev says:

      jesus, can’t people just laugh at something??  WTF.
      one guy’s offended because tasing is bad, one pedant confronts the issue of electrical current.
      hint, normal folks had a chuckle instead.

  2. oasisob1 says:

    I missed it this year, too, so I had to pause the video and run to make my own cup of cocoa. I don’t really go for the cinnamon or nutmeg, but marshmallows are okay by me. Thanks, Bill and Dave!

  3. nvlady says:

    That was spectacular. And his beard is amazing!!!

  4. How did he know those guys were Americans?

    • Cowicide says:

      Because they looked “traditional”?  /s

    • Rindan says:

      I imagine if someone kidnapped me and later took my hood off, and I see a bunch of white dudes in expensive business suits, my first thought would be “Oh shit!  They are Americans!”  Who the hell else are they going to be?  Swiss?

  5. Especially in light of law enforcement’s abuse of tasers, tasing is never funny.

    • SedanChair says:

      So shooting is never funny either? Cause I’d beg to differ


      • Donald Petersen says:

        I’m with you, S.C., though it’s a fair point that if getting shot in the face in real life only resulted in our beaks being temporarily spun ’round to the backs of our heads, ours would be a merrier world.

    • Al says:

      Are you serious? In the words of the great Charlie Brown, “Good grief!”

    • Humor is always subjective. So people who say something is “never funny” are always wrong.

      If you’d like to open up a specific argument that there was something offensive about the taser reference, hey, this is an open forum. State your evidence, and I’m sure these folks will give you a fair and enlightening discussion. But don’t just announce your solemn conclusion to the rest of us like you’re with the Humor Authorities — not unless you have specific government-issued ID to that effect — and expect us to change our opinions.

      What is self-evidently offensive to you may not be so to us, and you apparently don’t respect people who did find this funny very much, if you think you can just gainsay them and change their minds. We didn’t laugh because our connection to the Great Cosmic Moral Database suddenly faltered. We laughed because we respectfully disagree with you: talking about dark, cynical topics can be really. damned. funny.

    • Rindan says:

      In light of the thousands of people that die each year to tripping and falling, tripping and falling is NEVER FUNNY.  Anyone who watches slap stick humor is a MONSTER!!!

  6. Dimmer says:

    … except when tasing a clown.

  7. franko says:

    bill murray can kiss me anytime.

  8. giantasterisk says:

    Bill Murray is such a charmer. How wonderful that his career just goes on and on. 

  9. nuschu says:

    I’m surprised to see Letterman taking a page from Leno’s guest acquisition strategy. This is how Leno gets all of his guests to appear.

  10. plyx says:

    Bill Murray is alpha male supreme.

    • BunnyShank says:

      I’d say “Beta”, the ape that doesn’t play “alpha” or “sub”, but the one who plays outside of the system entirely.

  11. Ping Kee says:

    Hilarious. Bill Murray is a story teller supremo. You’re never quite sure what’s coming next, but you know it’s going to be interesting…  Somehow he morphs from the stereotypical released kidnap victim to the elder statesman wishing us all a Merry Christmas in about one minute. How does he do that? A class act. And looking better with age. Amazing! 

  12. Eric McGeehan says:

    It’s a fact: Bill Murray was David Letterman’s first guest on both Late Night and The Late Show.

  13. liz says:

    How unsurprising that Letterman doesn’t get it at all.  After an entrance like that, Bill is obviously setting him up for a comment like ‘Gee, I guess that can happen to anybody!’  It’s a joke with a message, too deep for derpy Dave.