Lord Buckley's "Christmas Carol"

Patrick sez, "Lord Buckley was a comedian/storyteller who performed in the '50s. His version of A Christmas Carol is an utter delight."

Damned straight. Lord Buckley's a hero of mine, and this is him at his best. If this has you intrigued, try his version of The Raven, and Dig Infinity!, the indispensable biography of Lord Buckley.


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  1. Woody Smith says:

    Lord Buckley’s noble son, Crown Prince Richard Buckley, has recently released several fine albums of previously unavailable LB material; they can be found at cdbaby.com.  So can Prince Richard’s own country music cd, CPR.

  2. Festus says:

    My dad LOVED Lord Buckley, on the Nazz (JC, The Man, Jesus Christ). Even now I salt my lectures with Lord Buckley references. Of course no student has ever heard Lord Buckley, but it works anyway.

  3. buddy66 says:

    By right of apostolic succession I hereby appoint all Happy Mutants members of Lord Buckley’s Royal Court. either Lords or Ladies, suit your own sweet swinging selves.

    Prince Vaughn

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