Lord Buckley's "Christmas Carol"

Patrick sez, "Lord Buckley was a comedian/storyteller who performed in the '50s. His version of A Christmas Carol is an utter delight."

Damned straight. Lord Buckley's a hero of mine, and this is him at his best. If this has you intrigued, try his version of The Raven, and Dig Infinity!, the indispensable biography of Lord Buckley.


  1. Lord Buckley’s noble son, Crown Prince Richard Buckley, has recently released several fine albums of previously unavailable LB material; they can be found at cdbaby.com.  So can Prince Richard’s own country music cd, CPR.

  2. My dad LOVED Lord Buckley, on the Nazz (JC, The Man, Jesus Christ). Even now I salt my lectures with Lord Buckley references. Of course no student has ever heard Lord Buckley, but it works anyway.

  3. By right of apostolic succession I hereby appoint all Happy Mutants members of Lord Buckley’s Royal Court. either Lords or Ladies, suit your own sweet swinging selves.

    Prince Vaughn

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