Man to cops: prostitute owes me 10 minutes

A man from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, reported a lady of the night to police for "shorting him 10 minutes," writes Elizabeth Dinan of the Sea Coast Online. They charged him with engaging a prostitute.


  1. there is no portsmouth, maine.  it appears that a portsmouth, new hampshire man was “engaging” a prostitute in old orchard beach, maine.

    1. As a Mainer myself, this makes far too much sense. The only time I’ve ever seen the Girls Gone Wild bus was in Old Orchard Beach, and I’d like to keep it that way.

  2. Silly story, but really it’s a good case for decriminalization and regulation. This conflict could have ended in tragedy.  The article says he’s been flagged by sex workers as a nuisance customer too..

      1. As far as sources go I find that less than convincing.

        Also, my comment wasn’t “pro prostitution” any more than my beliefs in having a more pragmatic and holistic approach to drug use constitutes an endorsement of drug use.

      2.  FACT: Many of these “facts” are more than somewhat dubious. At least a few seem to be entirely spurious or are manipulatively written.

        One of the sources I used for some related research a few years back… a bit long, but it discusses a lot of the issues involved. It’s focus is primarily local, but it’s better researched than most reports relating to the sex trade:

    1. Yeah, like giving organs, or asking politicians to help swing your big contract. What’s wrong with being able to tilt the incentive scale with a little bit of dough?

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