Santa sacked


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  1. Jonathan Badger says:

    He also apparently misinterpreted “American Girl doll” as “American football”. Was this Santa really Siri in disguise?

  2. Brainspore says:

    Whereas in Holland, children who behave badly are traditionally sacked by Santa. And by “sacked by Santa,” I mean “abducted in a burlap sack, taken to Spain and beaten up by his horrible racist stereotype sidekick.

  3.  Just don’t deny the Trininty, that’s why Saint Nicolas put the beat down to Arias of Alexandria back in 325.

    • absimiliard says:

      A pity it didn’t take.  Arias just led to tons of dead in the south of France later on.

      -abs isn’t joking, wishes he was since it’s amazing that people kill each other over such stupid shit

  4. Glippiglop says:

    Wait.  She’s angry that her little child wasn’t able to sit on the lap of a complete stranger… who’s clearly wearing a *disguise beard* and a costume?

    I’m so confused as to who I’m meant to be angry at.

    • Timmy Corkery says:

      Ugh. Instead of telling her kid the truth (there is no magical elf who visits our houses to celebrate the questionably – dated birth of a mythological figure who is the alleged child of an invisible sky giant — um, wait, what?), she relies on a free service provided by a commercial enterprise to mollify her child, who is already, even at her young age, fully indoctrinated into the cult of commercialism, and then complains because the free service, using an employee working in poor conditions for poor wages and under constant pressure and scrutiny from harridans such as this mom, didn’t meet her expectations. Any y’know what? The mom probably bought [product] from the retailer anyway, despite her disappointment, because she’d already set the expectation with her child.

      The stupid is almost too much to bear.

  5. I live in Maine and this is the mall closest to my home.  I took my two sons to see this Santa a few weeks ago.  He was a bit off.  Couldn’t really understand my kids and just sorta pushed us along.  Had no holly or jolly.

  6. Cowicide says:

    I have to wonder if he looked like Billy Bob Thornton?

  7. Dignan says:

    I like to imagine she was kicked down a slide by his two mean elfs right afterward.

  8. B E Pratt says:

     She was clearly upset that the store provided no “Santi-Wrap” for Santa’s lap….

  9. realgeek says:

    This reminds me of David Sedaris’ “Santaland Diaries.”

    Particularly the part where the upset Mom tells him that she’s going to have him fired, and his response.

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