Clockwork Orange babies

Butcher Billy of Curitiba, Brazil posted these "Clockwork Orange Babies" concept illustrations to Behance. It's wildly implausible that such a thing would ever exist, but I'd like to vacation in the parallel universe where they do.

A Clockwork Orange Babies Design Concept (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. It’s only implausible because Disney hasn’t worked their way that far down the list of cultural icons yet.  They’ll get there, it might take a few decades yet.  I hear they’re still working over Star Wars.

  2. Vaguely OT, but the violence of toddlers has always sort of fascinated me, because of the odd and not immediately obvious limits that they impose on themselves in order to avoid causing actual injury. There is no special reason that fighting children *couldn’t* do each other serious injury – crippling wounds are just an eye gouge away! – but they don’t. My three kids fight a fair amount (I try to let them sort things out among themselves, when practical) and I have yet to see any injury beyond a tiny red mark or scratch. Millions of years of evolution at work, I guess.

  3. Now things are just one step away from co-opting my masterplan to become a millionaire overnight:  Baby Batman, Baby Joker, etc.

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