Facehugger airlines

This lovely piece is illustrator Dennis Larkins's "New Normal," apparently available as a signed, numbered print (though as of this writing, his website's not working).

Welcome to the Fine Arts & Prints Section! (via Wil Wheaton)


  1. I’m sick and tired of rape culture excusing this kind of behavior. Isn’t it time we called these monsters what they are: facerapists?

  2. I’m going to nitpick here. Shouldn’t the tails be wrapped around their necks so you can’t just yank ’em off? I mean in the first one when someone tried that the tail started strangling the host.

    1. Yep. Also they’re full of “molecular acid” although which acid isn’t clear.

      Suffice it to say, the acid is caustic enough to eat through several layers of spaceship-grade interior hull material and plumbing, and then being neutralized enough not to completely melt a BIC pen.

  3. And remember to put on your own face hugger before assisting your child to put on their face hugger. 

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