Facehugger airlines


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  1. Joshua Saiewitz says:

    I’m sick and tired of rape culture excusing this kind of behavior. Isn’t it time we called these monsters what they are: facerapists?

  2. Andrew Singleton says:

    I’m going to nitpick here. Shouldn’t the tails be wrapped around their necks so you can’t just yank ‘em off? I mean in the first one when someone tried that the tail started strangling the host.

    • ldobe says:

      Yep. Also they’re full of “molecular acid” although which acid isn’t clear.

      Suffice it to say, the acid is caustic enough to eat through several layers of spaceship-grade interior hull material and plumbing, and then being neutralized enough not to completely melt a BIC pen.

  3. Dlo Burns says:

    Still better than flying American.

  4. JonSanders says:

    The oxygen masks should look like that.

  5. Mike Meyer says:

    At least they aren’t making us fly with TSA agents.

  6. redesigned says:

    those facehuggers have some huge gonads!

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    And remember to put on your own face hugger before assisting your child to put on their face hugger. 

  8. SHeadius says:

    I thought I saw testicles on their faces.

  9. GregS says:

    Those facehuggers can’t be a good thing. But look at the ample comfortable seats and all that leg room!

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