Medical Marijuana comes to New Jersey


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  1. edgore says:

    Or Eric Holder hanging around outside and taking notes.

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    Kinda like most people if you stood outside a pharmacy and enquired about their activity.

    “Whatcha got there sir?”

    “uh well it’s, it’s a for my, uh. Hey fuck you.”

  3. williamhereford says:

    Oh NY Times how you continue to further push your publication into the realm of outdated irrelevance. I guess to keep those Big Pharma ad dollars coming in something has to take a hit. In this case, yet again, it is journalistic integrity.

  4. Mr_Smooth says:

    I believe the correct term is “medical” marijuana

  5. Bangorian says:

    Or maybe they were sick and wanted to get some medicine, rather than talk to reporters and participate in some BS news story. Did that ever occur to this idiots? When’s the last time the press hung around outside a pharmacy when people dropped in to pick up the latest antibiotic or erectile dysfunction pill.

  6. Manel says:

    Fuck this!  That’s harassment!  Do NYT reporters stand outside Duane Reade and ask whether customers bought magnum or extra small Trojans?  These medical marijuana consumers have a right to privacy!  Fucking-A!

  7. Seriously. If someone walked up and asked me outside the CVS with a camera in my face “What/why did you buy your prescribed meds,” I’d duck and cover too. It’s none of their damn business and, honestly, a bit disturbing. Media is getting too ballsy and big and loudmouthed these days.

  8. bkad says:

    Yeah, this is a bit goofy. How would they expect someone seeking medical treatment to behave? Smiles and cheers? And from what I’ve read, the NJ qualifications are not that easy to meet, so these people are probably in bad shape. Besides that, this is the first dispensary in the state, so what they were doing was illegal only days ago — and the current state and federal administrations aren’t thrilled. I’d be nervous about the press too!

  9. Braden O'Guinn says:

    Spooting is a serious medical condition and not to be made a mockery of by NYT. BoingBoing is ON IT.

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