Guts in sofas

A pair of sofas from Cao Hui's "Visual Temperature" series hint at a kind of biological secret life of soft furnishings.

Visual Temperature — Sofa

Visual Temperature — Sofa No.2

(via Richard Kadrey)


  1. I confess I have a bit of a problem with the naming of Sofa and Sofa No. 2. Sofa No. 3 is fine!

    They’re fun nonetheless.

  2. There are a number of pretty sexy possibilities that I can imagine based on the concept of furniture made of flesh. These are not them.

  3. What do they eat? Are these herbivorous or carnivorous sofas? I’m not sure I’d like to sit in a living animal sofa, but I’d probably be eaten by a living carnivorous animal one.

    1.  They eat loose change and Doritos crumbs. (Hint: don’t put your hand between the cushions if you want it back.)

  4. Teddy bears with human teeth, catfish wolfing down pigeons, and now this! WTF Boing Boing? This has to be one of the creepiest bunch of posts in a day, and it’s not even 5pm.

  5. Twice now I’ve gotten rid of couches “Sopranos style” by cutting them up into small enough chunks to bag and toss (actually just getting rid of the soft parts so I could repurpose metal and wood.)

    Now I’m going to have nightmares of cutting into those old couches again and spilling viscera. 

    1. Every time chairdogs come up, I feel deeply disgusted.

      One of my first memories, from when I was a baby, is of the time my parents had taken me to one of their friend’s houses. They had a big dog. And the dog walked right up to me, turned around, and unloaded an enormous turd right in front of me. I think it was bigger than my head. I have been uneasy around dogs every since.

      At least they didn’t attack me.

      1. I had a phobia of Saint Bernards when I was a child. Everyone thought that it was really weird. Then Cujo came out, and suddenly I was avant garde.

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