Extremely important news: Arrested Development will come to Netflix Canada

Originally only intended to hit the U.S. market, Arrested Development will now hit Netflix in Canada the same day of the U.S. premiere. Boxing Day came early! (via The Hollywood Reporter)


    1. This is the fourth season, the last season ended in 2006. Apparently the producers found the money in the banana stand. 

      1.  Free speech, religion and press (Bill of Rights 1789) for the recognition of Manitoba, Northwest Territories AND Rupert’s Land (BNA 1871)?

        If they throw in a second round draft pick, we should probably take that.

  1. Never seen it. Is this show any good? It’s a sitcom, right? Sitcoms are always suspect for being a bum TV trip. And then they try to sell you Clairol or some crap during a break. Does Netflix have commercials during it’s streaming TV shows? I’ve only watched movies on Netflix, or at least the few decent films they have on there. Most of what they got is grade Z- shlock that isn’t even worth making fun of.    

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