Blown-glass medical models


8 Responses to “Blown-glass medical models”

  1. mark w. says:

    That’s an amazing piece, it blows my mind to see the works created with glass knowing how difficult it is to work with compared to many other physical mediums. 

  2. Andrew Pautz says:

    Wow.  That is phenomenal.

  3. caseyd says:

    is it plumbed? can I run thermoluminescencent goop through it and use it as a glowing CPU cooler?

  4. bfarn says:

    That’s pretty damned expensive for a bong.

  5. Boundegar says:

    Then it’s a pity I don’t love you, because I hand these things out like party favors.

  6. Art says:

    That’s a magnificent piece of work!

  7. feetleet says:

    “Let’s get some digits,” I said to the Blown-Glass Medical model.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t give it out without a firm offer.”

    “Oh I’ll make you a firm offer.”

  8. feetleet says:

    And I presume those spigots in the neck are the blood brain barrier?

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