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3 Responses to “Chris Carter talks about DIY synthesizers”

  1. I will look out for this with interest.
    At an early gig by (I think it was) OMD, the venue was very hot, and the homemade synths reacted by going out of tune. The band had to struggle to keep them sounding acceptable. Unfortunately, because they were the new upcoming thing, David Bowie was in the audience. Luckily he just thought it was avant-garde.

  2. trackofalljades says:

    I hope everyone interested in this has seen MOOG, a wonderful film in its own (more focused) right.

  3. stuartinaustin says:

    “As with the early days of computers, the earliest synthesizers were mostly DIY affairs or commercial kits.”

    Neither Babbage’s Difference Engine nor Cahill’s Telharmonium could be classified as DIY…

    I think when you refer to early day computers and synthesizers you are referring to the late sixties and early seventies. You are sweeping aside a great deal of history by being overly general. I learned to program on an IBM 1130 before there were any microprocessors. Donald Buchla, Robert Moog, and Alan Perlman all founded synthesizer companies before there were any kits. A nice post on the RCA synthesizer might also be in order.