Hello Kitty lunchbox guitar

Jane's Hello Kitty lunchbox had a crummy latch on it -- it kept popping open and her lunch items would fall out. This weekend I made a guitar out of it for my 4-year-old niece. It's her Christmas present. It's the best sounding guitar I've made so far!

I'm writing a project book for dads and kids and I'm including instructions for making lunchbox guitars.


  1. Baby’s gonna play the blues, yo. (Most of the early bluesmen got their start on home-made guitars of this sort, a store-bought guitar was a luxury that poor black kids in Mississippi couldn’t afford). 

  2. Oh wow. I have a Muppet Show lunchbox that is just screaming for this. Then I can learn to play Rainbow Connection and be very very happy.

  3. Really cool idea…but why does it have to be for “Dad” and kids? Mom is the handy tool user in this house. Dad couldn’t pull this off, but he makes the best mashed potatoes. Anyway, Oh well, just sayin’

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