I am itchy. You are itchy. We're all itchy together.

Some itches are caused by obvious physical triggers (OMG, there's a spider on your arm!). Others, though, have a more complicated source. Watching other people itch can make you feel itchy. In this piece at Scientific American blogs, Scicurious explains the neurobiology behind sympathetic itching. I got four paragraphs in before I had to scratch my neck. How about you?


  1. I was itching before I read your headline–when I was still finishing the previous post. It was a bit freaky, but it seems my subconscious had scanned on ahead for something to do.

  2. I was already sitting here scratching my balls when I clicked the link, so I’m going to have to disqualify myself…

  3. Interesting. I’d heard theories that autism is related to defective mirror neurons, and here I am not itchy at all.

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