Snoot-Flute: make music with your nose!

Why this never caught on is beyond me.



  1. I have one of these made of bamboo I got in a wild imported-instruments store I found in Brighton. They’re really easy to play, and amusing as hell. 

    You can still find ’em in plastic, for a (hah) song:,mod=9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  2. yet another esoteric musical appliance begging to be rendered 3d-printedable (along with the alboka and various ocarinas) …yep.

  3. The plastic nose flutes have a somewhat recorder-like tone. Yep, I own and play one- not so much for adding to the musical skill set but for comedic effect. Protip- blow your nose before a performance. 

  4. A friend of mine was in a nose-flute ensemble.  I’m not sure if the group is still a going thing, but my friend is no longer in it, as she moved out of town, almost certainly not to escape the noseflute ensemble.

  5. They’re actually playable instruments, with a sound much like a slide-whistle … which is essentially what they are; your mouth acts as the tuneable resonating chamber. I keep one with my music book for times when something silly is needed.

      1. I hear that those are being given away for free, and that sometimes, other people are being paid to play them.

  6. Snoot-Flute, huh?  Archie & Jughead’s science teacher was professor Flutesnoot.  (Don’t ask me how or why I remember this kind of stuff). 

  7. In the 50’s and 60’s they were made from stamped sheet metal…..and sounded much better of course!

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