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25 Responses to “Cat lady paints with poop”

  1. knoxblox says:

    Does it smell like cats in here to you?

  2. Art says:

    I surely thought that cat poop paintings would fetch a great deal more.

  3. DisGuest says:

    Cat pee is the WORST. 

  4. don’t stop in for a visit if you’re pregos.  I’m looking at you cat middleton.


  5. angusm says:

    She’s a crazy cat lady’s crazy cat lady. What an inspiration!

  6. LydiRae says:

    It’s articles like this that make me think that art was a stupid career choice.
    Imagine being a car mechanic, and competing with people who are creatively applying hamsters to engines and getting a ton of press because it’s so absurd.
    Clearly, I missed the day in college where they taught us to innovate by finding the craziest thing that nobody else was doing, and piss all over it so it’s ours.

  7. Kind of like Louis Wain. And, really, it’s more professional to say the cat “died”. “Passing” is what they do when the litter box clumps.

  8. Halloween_Jack says:

    OK, I just have to say, even as someone who still has, somewhere, a copy of the first KISS comic book that has traces of the blood of all four original band members in the ink: no thank you.

  9. JhmL says:

    “MARRY ME ?”

  10. ChickieD says:

    She may be a crazy cat lady who paints with cat poop, but her kitteh paintings are great! I would like one in my home if it did not include actual cat poop in it, which is, call ME crazy, something I work hard to keep out of my house.