Make: Talk 019 - Matt Richardson, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone

Our maker this week is Matt Richardson. Matt's a video producer, a writer, a maker of things, a technology consultant, and a student at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Matt wrote two articles for MAKE volume 32. One of them is a BeagleBone tutorial and the other one shows how to make his awesome -- I mean -- wonderful Awesome Button. Matt also co-wrote (with Shawn Wallace) a new MAKE book called Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, an introduction to the business card sized $35 Linux computer.

I spoke to Matt from his workshop in Brooklyn.



  1. “Business card sized”?!!

    The claim they make is merely “credit card sized”, and even that’s always annoyed me, because it isn’t; the PCB is exactly credit card sized, but the awkwardly-placed overhanging ports make it considerably bigger.  Raspbpi is plenty awesome enough without making silly claims it can’t live up to.

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