New York in the dark: photos

Dan Nguyen sez, "During the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, I was luckily spared any real hardship except for the power and heat being out. Everyday I walked to work and back in pitch darkness and I brought my camera to document what the city looks like when the only illumination is headlights and emergency lights. All the photos are available as Creative Commons."

These are beautiful and striking shots.

Eye Heart New York (Thanks, Dan!)


3 Responses to “New York in the dark: photos”

  1. mjargul says:

    Beautiful photos! We did something similar, but with moving image:

  2. angusm says:

    Well, if we’re all posting our photo/video links, here’s my moment of shameless self-promotion.

    I think Mr Nguyen’s are better, though …

  3. Sam Rohn says:

    and heres a few 360° panoramas i shot while lower manhattan was blacked out post sandy…

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