Particularly excellent episode of "Bullseye" podcast, with Judd Apatow and Dolly Parton

Jesse Thorn shares word of a really special episode of his podcast, Bullseye, with guests including...
Judd Apatow and Dolly Parton, plus a segment with Jason Reece of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead talking about the song that changed his life, ("Waiting Room" by Fugazi), and a comics segment with BB's own Brian Heater. Judd and I talked about the kind of terrifying and gut-churning parts of having a family and why it's important. And Dolly and I talked about, among other things, how she wrote "I Will Always Love You" as a statement of independence from Porter Waggoner, and how she herself had to give up having a family to support her extended family as a country star. She's a totally amazing woman.
Jesse says he is "really super proud of this one," and I can see why. Here's the Soundcloud link. This is the iTunes link.