A Totally Expected Journey to the 7:45 Showing of The Hobbit

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Louis makes a totally expected journey to see the 7:45 showing of "The Hobbit"

By Ruben Bolling

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Published 9:33 am Wed, Dec 12, 2012

23 Responses to “A Totally Expected Journey to the 7:45 Showing of The Hobbit”

  1. jgs says:

    Nice payoff in the final frame.

  2. Dave Pease says:

    i could go for some julius of orange right about now.

  3. perfect choice of cell phone.

  4. Home run Ruben. This might be my favorite comic of yours thus far, and I enjoy all of them.

  5. Christopher says:

    Henceforth no matter what movie I’m going to see I will say that I’m seeing it at the Plexx of Multitude. 

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I remember Stephen King once making mention of a particularly craptastic multi-screen venue as the local Herpes Cineplex.

  6. William McBrine says:

    Wait, three movies? I thought they were just breaking The Hobbit into two movies?

  7. Jorpho says:

    Given the frequent tone of the Louis comics, I was entirely expecting the show to turn out to be sold out.  But maybe that only happens to Bob.  (cf. http://www.gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2012/08/02/ )

  8. Funk Daddy says:

    three movies, makin me wait like a chump.. I would have gladly paid thrice the price of three to sit in a theatre for 5-6 hours rather than wait between these

    Imma wait without seeing. See em all n a few years together at home or at a rep cinema. No babysitter hassles til then that way