"CORRERCTION" among newspaper corrections of the year

And this gem is way down the list. Poynter has quite a selection for you.


  1. Given the Sun’s love for teacher’s unions, I strongly suspect the “mistake” that would stir up a righteous indignation amongst their readership is anything but.

  2. The very worst kind of bullshit corrections: Telling a flagrant lie on page 1 (“evil teachers get paid while they strike”), then “corrercting” it days later buried at the bottom of page 12. Assholes.

    1.  This is why I will support any politician that passes a law requiring newspapers to print story corrections on the same page, using the same font, taking up the same number of column inches (including the picture), in approximately the same location as the original offending story.  Tell a blatant lie on the front cover above the fold?  Print a 48pt. correction on the front cover above the fold.

    2. Especially the way my paper prints Christina Blizzard’s columns. I’m not sure if the Toronto Sun does it the same way, but it would surprise me if they don’t. She writes an opinion column and I’ve seen it a few times where my local paper starts her column on the front page without labeling it as an opinion and not a real news story.

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