Gweek 078: Joshuah Bearman and ARGO


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  1. ChrisO says:

    Oh Mark, what are we going to do about your Gweek audio quality?

    I feel like there should be an app which let’s you and the interviewee talk at skype-quality, but also makes high-quality recordings on both ends and sends you the remote recording as an mp3 or something that you can edit back in.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      That would be so great. Maybe I should start asking guests if they can record it on their end and send it to me. That’s what I recently did when Glenn Fleishman interview me for The New Disruptors.

  2. ChrisO says:

    I’ve been browsing around and can’t really find anything.  It does looks like there are some plugins for skype, but it’s not clear without trying them that they make a high-quality remote recording, or just do what you already do, which is record the conversation on your end.

    I found but it’s Windows only and I’m guessing most of your guests are more Apple-ey.  Also it seems a bit much to ask to have people installing software on their computers.  Maybe okay for your tech-roundtable episodes, but not so much for your special guests like Tim Ferris etc.

    I’d hate to think in 2012 that the most user-friendly solution for some interviewees would be to find a tiny hardware voice recorder and throw it in a Fedex envelope and have them send it back when you’re done!

    Maybe someone else has a lead or a different bright idea?

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