Gweek 078: Joshuah Bearman and ARGO

I interviewed one of my favorite journalists, Joshuah Bearman, who wrote the 2007 Wired article that the movie Argo was based on. It was called "How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran." Joshuah has also produced some of the best and weirdest episodes to appear on This American Life, including the mind-boggling full-hour piece called "The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms." I talked to Joshuah about all the above and more.

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  1. Oh Mark, what are we going to do about your Gweek audio quality?

    I feel like there should be an app which let’s you and the interviewee talk at skype-quality, but also makes high-quality recordings on both ends and sends you the remote recording as an mp3 or something that you can edit back in.

    1. That would be so great. Maybe I should start asking guests if they can record it on their end and send it to me. That’s what I recently did when Glenn Fleishman interview me for The New Disruptors.

  2. I’ve been browsing around and can’t really find anything.  It does looks like there are some plugins for skype, but it’s not clear without trying them that they make a high-quality remote recording, or just do what you already do, which is record the conversation on your end.

    I found but it’s Windows only and I’m guessing most of your guests are more Apple-ey.  Also it seems a bit much to ask to have people installing software on their computers.  Maybe okay for your tech-roundtable episodes, but not so much for your special guests like Tim Ferris etc.

    I’d hate to think in 2012 that the most user-friendly solution for some interviewees would be to find a tiny hardware voice recorder and throw it in a Fedex envelope and have them send it back when you’re done!

    Maybe someone else has a lead or a different bright idea?

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