I promised to not speak of Schmapocalypse Miffy Melve on BoingBoing anymore, and I am standing by that. However, I do think that I would be remiss not to point you toward this nifty, interactive version of the Maya's long count calendar system. It does a great job of helping explain the Mayan number system and how those numbers come together to mark important dates. If you're interested in Mayan hieroglyphics, I'd also recommend reading the book A Forest of Kings, which explains how the ancient Maya wrote and what their writing really tells us about their history.

3 Responses to “How to: Tell time like the ancient Maya”

  1. I did capture the moment pretty well in today’s calendarpocalypse.

  2. Brainspore says:

    Unfortunately the alarm ringtone is set to “screaming human sacrifice.”

  3. Houston Lang says:

    According to this calendar, the roll-over date is 26 March, 2407, and 21 December 2012 is nothing special. Why is no one mentioning that little fact?

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