Never mind: Ian McKellen does not have prostate cancer

Apparently, the interview in which Sir Ian McKellen stated he has had prostate cancer for several years is outdated. The actor's rep clarified, saying he does not have cancer. You now have permission to feel less bad about not liking The Hobbit. (via Vulture)


  1. Good new for Sir Ian! Though I’m confused about the link to the review for The Hobbit–I thought it would have linked to your review. Don’t see the point in combining two totally separate stories that way.

      1. Really? Do you like or dislike films based on what people say without seeing the film yourself? How very shallow.

  2. he updated his Facebook saying that he does have cancer, he has early stage prostate cancer, and it has been monitored, without needing treatment for 6-7 years…

    Status updateBy Ian McKellenThere have been new reports in the press of the old news that I have early prostate cancer. This was diagnosed six or seven years ago. There is no cause for alarm. I am examined regularly and the cancer is contained. I’ve not needed any treatment.

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