Oscar's first round of Best Original Song contenders: fixing last year's mistakes


15 Responses to “Oscar's first round of Best Original Song contenders: fixing last year's mistakes”

  1. Joe Buck says:

    They wouldn’t allow the songs to be performed in the show last year, even though there were only two.

  2. Ramone says:

    Considering the other (should-have-been) nominees from last year, I’d say that the winner was well chosen. I’d have loved to see Segal sing it live!

  3. unit_1421 says:

    Not Skyfall, please! Adele is horrible!

  4. Aeron says:

    “And who can beat Adele?”

    Anyone with a decent vocal range.

    • skeptacally says:

      say what?

      i’m no adele fan — i’ve enjoyed what has randomly crossed my radar without seeking her music out — but i do have to admire much of what she is able to do with her voice.

      i’m able to work the better part of 2 octaves — not prettily, mind you, but…  — and can say, from singing along, that adele moves at least beyond that. my guess is around 3.

      she’s a natural blues belter who makes her bread and butter from her lower range, but also displays a clear upper range and falsetto.  her upper range can fluctuate between chest and head and she seems to have pinpoint control of vibrato no matter which register she is singing in.

      you can dislike an artist all you would like, but making silly comments like yours does your argument great disservice and leaves you looking like a bitter and uniformed crank.

      she’s selling millions of albums, selling out stadiums, charming both serious music critics and adoring fans alike, and doing so with music that borrows more from soul than from pop.  unlike so many out there, she’s a fairly plain looking woman working without gimmick or autotune.

      if anyone with a decent vocal range could do that, then she probably wouldn’t be the success that she is, would she?

  5. Daemonworks says:

    Not really all that interesting of a song… Well executed but kind of boring.

  6. Forough says:

    adele  6 month working on it .. she should win it… who can sing the end of this track like adele?

  7. ocatagon says:

    The Academy Awards rarely has good taste in music.

  8. Baldhead says:

    Brave will win. Disney always wins despite being usually awful, awful songs. These songs are awful, and will still win.

  9. Mark Cardone says:

    Someone wants to know who can beat Adele?  You might be surprised. “Voodoo” the title song for movie “Halloween Party” ROCKS….. Small indie film BIG Nashville sound…

  10. Linda says:

    That dark horse, “Voodoo” is creeping in.  Check out Awards Circuits predictions today… http://www.awardscircuit.com/?post_type=oscar-prediction-pag&p=19340

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