SF writers Jim C Hines and John Scalzi dress up as sexy female assassins to raise money for The Aicardi Syndrome Foundation

Science fiction writers Jim C Hines and John Scalzi donned sexy garters, high heels, little black dresses and, um, crossbows, and replicated the odd cover of Vicki Pettersson's "The Taste of the Night," competing to see who could was most credible as a sexy female assassin book-cover illustration lady. They were raising money for The Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, a very good cause indeed. Also, Scalzi wore a wig.

Be sure and click the link below for the backstory that makes this all somehow plausible, to see the mind-searing full-size images, and to learn more about the most excellent fundraiser.

Pose-off with John Scalzi (via Whatever)


    1. At some point, we’re no longer laughing at sexist sci-fi tropes, we’re laughing at men in feminine dress and poses.

      I’m not going to lie, that can be funny.  But the commentary about how awful or disturbing it is makes me wonder exactly what the message is supposed to be here.

      1. From Jim Hines’ blog: “Way back in the beginning of 2012 when I started doing this cover pose thing, the idea was to take the poses many female characters are contorted into for book covers, and to find a way to highlight exactly how ridiculous and impractical they were. And also to have fun. … The trouble is, I didn’t spend much time introducing and contextualizing the Cover Pose Tradition at the start of the fundraiser. And when we did the first Scalzi/Hines pose-off, while I plugged the fundraiser, I didn’t provide any context at all for why we were doing this.”


    1.  Actually, if you look at the full size picture, they both have their knives. They are just kind of hard to see in the small ones.

  1. And now what, do we get female writers posing as the cliche’d shirtless hunks on the cover of romance novels?

    1. Actually, yes! Didn’t you read the next milestones?

      (Specifically, the 5k goal is a group shot with a male center character that will be played by a woman, and a harem of females played by the men. And it’s already had it’s goal reached!)

    2. As they reached $5000, Mary Robinette Kowal will join Hines, Scalzi, Pat Rothfuss and Charles Stross in a pose-off at ConFusion.  Mary will take the male role; they already have a cover in mind.

  2. competing to see who could was most credible as a sexy female assassin book-cover illustration lady.

    not so good at being literate here and maybe its just me but isn’t that just a terrible sentence?

  3. “mind-searing”? Man, it’s so awful when men dress the ways that you’re totally fine having women dress. 

  4. I thought the whole point is that the way women are portrayed on book covers (and specifically SF&F covers) is absurd, and they are duplicating the poses as a way to underline the absurdity of the situation.

    1. And for what it’s worth, I am totally OK with women dressing however they please – including strapless assassin gowns with garters or whatever.  But I am inclined to agree that the ridiculous ‘chainmail bikini’ book cover thing is something to be mocked.

      I am also OK with anyone at all wearing those things or anything else.  But the writers are mocking the specific book cover sexy awkward pose thing.  And I think they do a fine job of it.

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