Young fellow with a penchant for beat-"box"ing

A young fellow called Andrew (who apparently goes by "White Boy") drops some unwell beats in this remarkable kinematic performance.

White boy drops another AWESOME new sick beat!!! (via Reddit)


    1. Most folks have learnt all the maths they’ll ever use by sixth grade, and I’d wager his beatboxing talent will put more food on the table ; )

      …But maths is the way and the light, of course

  1. At the very least, this kid can entertain himself if he’s ever trapped alone in an elevator or mineshaft.

  2. My buddies and I all looked and dressed exactly like that, back in 1982 or so.  We each had to develop some kind of talent to avoid getting beaten up, or stuffed into trash cans and lockers.  Bobby used to turn his eyelids inside out.  Marcus just ran real fast.  Lenny was a fast-talking class clown.  And I used to help everyone out with their homework.

    This kid, however, rules.

    1. Those are people who died, died
      Those are people who died, died
      They were all my friends and they…

      wait, did I misread this?

  3. I’ve been watching all this kids videos for months (he’s pretty amazing), Now that all his videos have hundreds of thousands of views, kids are trying to post the next “viral” video and I think people in his class are forcing him to perform at times, I would hate to see him burn out…Also, on a sidenote this kid is a ladies man… 

    1. I was noticing he did seem to have quite a bit of attention from the young ladies in the background of the shot. And he obviously knows how to make ’em laugh.

      Nice to be that age and have a hook.

  4. I’m not normally into beat boxing but he’s a bit magic. Nice stuff.

    He looks a bit like a geeky young David Tennant. maybe he should have a go at doing the Doctor Who theme?

  5. Excellent skills!

    I sincerely hope those kids aren’t just being polite for the video; I’d hate to think he was the victim of bullying whenever the camera wasn’t turned on.

    (I’ve had a few kids go through this age so I recognize some of the unspoken behaviors.)

    1. Oh, God, don’t make me cry.  My dad has been gone for over 30 years but I repeatedly begged him to read that to me when I was little.  Just thinking about those wonderful times with him and I’m getting misty.  It’s “Thanks for the reminder” and “Why did you have to remind me?” at the same time.  But mostly…thanks.

    1.  As a vocalist, I looked into this, and apparently you need something to be pushing air into. This is because circular breathing basically relies on the ability to keep air in one’s cheeks and use one’s cheek muscles to push the air out while using one’s throat, lungs, and nose to breathe in.

      As a beatboxer, I’ll tell you that there are tricks to make it seem like you’re circularly breathing (one main one is to use hi-hat sounds [“ts” or “t”] as moments to inhale as the sound is effected very little).

    2. Circular breathing might help (within the limitations and workarounds already noted by other posters) but what this kid could really use is a listen to all of the drum rudiments.  (Say or any of a dozen other sources.)  I really think he’s re-inventing the wheel in some of the stuff he’s doing and I’ll bet he could develop faster, further, and be more creative if he’d unabashedly stand on the shoulders of those who came before.

      Or maybe he’s already a drummer, knows the rudiments, and is consciously doing what I think I’m hearing.  If so, even bigger kudos to the kid for translating them to another medium with such panache.

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