1. Stooge says:

    Do they all come out looking like a 1980s Steve Martin or is it just you?

  2. franko says:

    the lack of glasses completely threw me.

  3. Øyvind says:

    i have to say, i enjoyed the story just as much as the actual model.

  4. Kevin Pierce says:

    First impression: someone managed to get a hi-res image of near-Earth asteroid 2012 XE54

  5. aperturehead says:

    This 3-D stuff is very interesting and neat. In a way, it may satisfy the average human being’s urge to replicate oneself and therefore have a living image of oneself to admire and worship like an actual fetish object of one’s psyche.. The human ego is indeed a voracious beast. My personal dream would be to have infinite 3-D models of IN and Out burgers made, so I would never go hungrywhile driving home from work. Nice article, Cory!

  6. Michael Polo says:

    Cory how much would this cost to get done? 

  7. Boundegar says:

    Horrifying.  This is how the villain makes his latex Cory Doctorow mask, to be peeled off after framing you for murder with a mwa-ha-ha.

  8. If you get a life-size model 3d-printed, you’ll always have a place to store your glasses at night

  9. Glippiglop says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the 3D model looks with the bitmap images applied… soon please!

  10. Matt Becker says:

    Best BoingBoing title EVER.

  11. tudza says:

    “It looks just like you.”

    “It will look better once it has some color.”

    “No, I mean it looks just like you.  Right now.”

    You seen the people in Japan making miniatures of people?

  12. pjcamp says:

    Then why does it look like the 3-D printed head of Benito Mussolini wearing the lunar Appenines for a hat?

    • ldobe says:

      I think it looks a fair bit like Cory sans-glasses. If you think about it for a moment, glasses do modify the visage quite a lot.

      Just look at Adam Savage. With glasses on he looks like a studious and perceptive mythbuster. Without glasses he looks like some kind of mackerel crossed with an ape.

      Glasses are immediately added to the mental model when a first impression is made.

  13. B Timothy Creel says:

    Yay! I can finally edit Cory Doctorow in Blender.

  14. Ian Wood says:

    Eh. He’ll leave it on a plane and it’ll never be seen again.

  15. hirumaui says:

    I’d get that gash in your neck looked at if I were you.

  16. Marc45 says:

    This is pretty easy to do.  All you need is a Kinect from an XBOX 360 and some free software (look on Make type sites).  A swivel chair helps.

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