Finally, Google Maps for iPhone again

TO13 3 1Google Maps is now available again for iPhone. I'll be home soon. (via Google's Official Blog)


    1. Speed and convenience – 1) Vector graphics provide more efficient data transfer than tiles 2) native applications tend to be more responsive and flexible than web apps.

      Unless…you are kidding, of course.

  1. I downloaded the app last night, and did a quick test with the turn by turn directions (without leaving my living room) to compare Google’s version with the Apple one.  I think, much as I dislike and fear The Google, that it is indeed better in the way it handles directions.

    The odd thing, though, is that an hour after I fell asleep, a woman’s voice on my phone told me to turn right in 1000 feet.  I swear, it wasn’t a dream.  That’s one pushy app.

  2. Apple hardware with Google service: this is the way it should have been instead of all this android nonsense.

    By the way, Google Maps application by Google was never available before on iOS – the original Maps app was an Apple application which used Google Maps *data*.  I can’t believe how many news reports make this error.

  3. The weird thing is how many people are spinning this as some big victory for Google, despite Apple getting what it wanted all along: turn-by-turn directions. 

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