Horrible cookbooks

Yuckylicious offers the very best of the world's worst cookbooks. Who could pass over delicious recipes such as "Sardine Rabbit" and "Clean the Refridgerator Stew"?

"Meat Swiss Roll", however, sounds kind of tasty.


  1. The Golfer’s Cookbook made me immediately think of “To Serve Man” from the Twilight Zone. These will go in the dust bin of history besides Honey Boo Boo lamenting that “it’s been awhile since I done had road kill in my belly”. Golfers are probably a bit tough and grassy anyway.

  2. The cover of the Golpher’s Cookbook suggests all sorts of (wrong) stories.

    Like, wife cowering behind the only protection she could lay her hands on while husband showers her with golf balls for being late with dinner.

  3. “Clean the Refrigerator Stew” makes me think of John Lloyd and Douglas Adams’s definition of the ‘nantwich’, a snack that consists of the wettest thing in the fridge between the two driest things in the fridge.

  4. Although the Sardine Rabbit was in a “Scandinavian” cookbook, I don’t think the recipe is from here. From the ingredients it looks like it’s just a variation of Welch Rarebit/Rabbit, and this link at least mentions it as one: http://www.savorsa.com/2009/10/welsh-rarebit-comes-in-many-forms/
    Why do you think it would be horrible? Because it has sardines?

    I also think a Clean out the Refridgerator Stew is a good idea! Dishes like it are  good houskeeping. I’m sure every country has a dish that is meant to use up whatever leftovers you have, in my neck of the wood it’s Pyttipanna http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyttipanna My only gripe is that the stew has a long list of specific ingredients… doesn’t quite work as well when you have some sausage, some left over meat, and assorted vegetables that needs to be made into a dish today or thrown away tomorrow.

  5. I didn’t read the full recipe for the stew, but it is a really good idea. I’m married with two kids and we inevitably have “a little something” left from each meal. Not enough for anyone to eat, but when combined with a little stock or broth, it can turn out to be a fantastic stew for the whole fam (or at least one for an office lunch). 

    It reduces waste, keeps the fridge empty and is quick and easy to do. 

    Little bit of chicken left? beans? veggies? sausage? Throw it in!

    Not very different than Stone Soup

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