Pacific Rim official trailer

Guillermo del Toro does kaiju in Pacific Rim, coming next summer.


    1. I like the BWAAA noise too, but it is just way overdone now. The second I hear it, it pulls my attention away from the movie (oh this is like…, and this again?, etc).

      I can’t think of a use prior to AotC. And I was just thinking of Lucas just the other day, while I was listening to an industrial chiller, how much effort he put into not only the visuals but the sound effects for his movies as well, and that I really appreciate that. Then you get a movie like this and I feel like they are using an off the shelf sound generator to make sounds that others had to pioneer with imagination and tinkering.

    2. I’m not sure where’s it’s from but it sounds just like the start of “Music for the Jilted Generation” by the Prodigy.

      And thus, to my ears, sounds great, I’m just expecting a beat to kick in…

    1.  We do what me must, because we can…

      Its a shame Cave isn’t still around to see the fruits of his labour. Hopefully the monsters are not immune to the effects of incendiary lemonade.

    1. You are most certainly not. It’s like having one of the monsters voiced by Billy West in full-Zoidberg. Sure, use Ellen McLain… but did they really have to GLaDOfy her voice perfectly?

      1. Upon further reflection,  it would be pretty awesome if this was a prequel.
        After the aliens are defeated, Aperture Science investigates the “portal” on the pacific rim, using tech they find there to make the portal guns… and Chelle, of course, is the child or grandchild of one of those guys in the Gundam suit….

  1. I know there will be plot holes big enough to drive a giant robot through, but I expect this movie will be exactly what I expect this movie to be. Why would you fly a jet in that close though? And if you can make a material that will damage a monster by punching it at a fairly low speed, why not make a missile or bullet out of that material and hit it at a really high speed?

    1. Ironically I can overlook a lot of the plot holes, it is the physics that irritate me.

      Maybe they will explain, or at least mention, that these bots are obviously made out of unobtainium. 

      And why even go with a missile?  If that thing is crushing a city that easily just step right on up to nuclear and try to vaporize it.

  2. Isn’t that Liz Lemon’s ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy doing the voiceover? If so, there aren’t nearly enough “HEY DUMMY”s in this trailer.

  3. According to IMDB, the name of Idris Elba’s character is Stacker Pentecost. Sounds like he’s chosen a suitably extravagant accent to go with the name.

    1. If anyone films At The Mountains Of Madness, I demand that they score the ‘running from the Shoggoth’ sequence with Yakety Sax.

      1. Possibly still has daddy issues, though.

        So it’s a Tom Cruise film?

        On the minus side, no cute, drunken little penguins.

  4. Is it me, or is the computer voice GladOS from Portal? If GladOS is running things, it could make the movie much more comically interesting than the trailer makes it appear.

  5. To (sort-of) quote Ben Kuchera:
    Jax Teller, Heimdall, and GLaDOS use mechs to punch Cthulhu.It’s everything I never knew I wanted.

  6. this looks awful
    like Matrix Revolutions awful

    What happened to Del Toro doing Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness? there have been rumors for years, and then this?

      1. Also I’m pretty sure that’s the point of giant monster movies. They’re the “Louie, Louie” of cinema. Big dumb fun.

        1. It’s so weird.  I love kaiju, and this movie looks totally made for me with just one exception: the giant anthropomorphic robots.  Of all the things to bring my suspension of disbelief crashing to the floor, I’m amazed to find it turns out to be the idea that humanity will fight off gigantic Lovecraftian horrors from the deep with equally-gigantic bipedal robots, rather than with jets, submarines, nukes, lasers, infiltrating ninjas, copious quantities of Corry’s, pods of cyborganic orcas, federally-funded necromancers, cloned and irradiated monitor lizards wearing tinfoil mind-control helmets, or any number of more conventionally available methods of waging war with Cthulhu.

          I’ll see it, but for whatever weird reason, it’s the giant robots, and the giant robots alone, that make me sit back and sneer, “Dazz Buuulll-shit.”

          Oh, and by the way, for your daily BRRRAAAAHHHMMMMM needs, this still works.

    1. Feh.  How often did Mechagodzilla actually throw a punch at Godzilla?  He had an energy beam in his mouth, another in his chest, and fired projectiles from his fingers, knees, and toes… and he was the guy who always came closest to defeating Godzilla (who, admittedly, never shied away from physical brawling, even when his ranged attack would have made the fight much easier and briefer).  I can’t believe this point is remotely important to my enjoyment of such ridiculous kiddie fare as this, but I can’t help but feel that using an enormous (and no doubt prohibitively expensive) robot to throw punches is just stupid.

      I know you guys will enjoy the hell out of this, and that’s perfectly okay by me.  I’m just coming to grips with the fact that, out of all the things logically wrong with this movie, it’s the giant robot punching the giant monster that I have a problem with.

      1. I make no excuses. Call it a guilty pleasure. But formative tv shows for me were Johnny Sokko and Ultraman. I make no claim that this will be a good film, just that I will take great pleasure in watching big things fighting other big things while cities crumble in their wake. I don’t have high expectations but I will probably see a bargain matinee if I can.

  7. That red turbine thing at the front of the bots looks a lot like a similar feature on the Reapers in the Mass Effect series. 

  8. Not just robot punches, you guys. 

    Rocket punches!

    I’m acknowledging the silliness of giant punching robots. But I clapped my hands with the rocket punch. I’m rendered infantile by this AND I LIKE IT. 

  9. That looks like a terrible, terrible movie. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and therefore saving me the money and time I would have wasted on it.

  10. I will be VERY disappointed if  the boy and the girl doesn’t learn to coordinate themselves thru the power of classical music then exterminate the kaiju with a flying kick. 

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