Sitegeist: mobile app mines public data to tell you about the spot you're standing in


11 Responses to “Sitegeist: mobile app mines public data to tell you about the spot you're standing in”

  1. ldobe says:

    Sounds a bit like the IR systems from GITS

    Yes I’m a nerd, and yes I know I probably mention the movie and series too often, but dammit we’re living in the future now!

  2. Seitgeist?!
    sold on the pun density of the app name alone.

  3. Not available in Canada. 

  4. Alex Mick says:

    Surely it’s collecting the same data about you as you use it, right? 

  5. Julie_the_T says:

    Just got it yesterday and it’s great! Tiny quibble: why not use 2010 Census information? I believe it still uses data from 2000…

  6. I also just downloaded it and I am loving it. It is not about surveillance, it brings in a single place information already public that would be cumbersome to collect by yourself. I use it at home, at work, and at places I would like to live!

  7. kjs3 says:

    I might be missing something, but it’s not that interesting where I’m at.  Interesting the first time I cranked it up, but then I drove about 30 miles to the other side of town, refreshed it, and it had the same data. The only thing that had changed was the temperature.  Same “Fun” recommendations, none of which were particularly close.  Nice idea, but poorly done.

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