Art prints from Curio House

Boing Boing friends Oric Scott De Las Casas and Allen Yamashita have founded Curio House, a new media venture launching in 2013. Ramping up, they're offering a series of prints from Dan Hipp, Bill Sienkiewicz, Eric Orchard, Adam Van Wyk, and the late, great Mike "Ringo" Wieringo. Opening at 4pm today, the prints are for sale through Tuesday, December 18th at 4pm PST. Don't delay, as they will be limited to the number sold within 96 hours.

Eagle-eyed art connoisseur Oric says: "We thought it would be cool to do a short burst of a mini-launch as a sneak peak. And it's our way of saying, 'Hello and see you next year.'" Lavishly produced, the prints, from Scott and Allen's talented friends and collaborators, are a mix of images from upcoming projects and some of their favorite art from the last few years.