Gweek 079: Milo Danger, maker of the armed civilian drone


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  1. noah django says:

    This is the first Gweek I’ve listened to.  I’m not really a talk radio/podcast kinda guy.  I saw when the video was posted here, but my curiosity was sated just to read the headline.  But to hear about Milo’s motivations seemed more interesting to me, and once y’all got to talking about the heart of the matter–data access–boy was I ever interested.  Both of your views mirror many conversations I’ve had with friends, though your version was far more sober and learned-sounding.  Thanks!

  2. ChrisO says:

    Good show, Mark!  Also, great audio quality (modulo the voice-disguising effect, of course :).  Whatever technique you used on this one bears repeating.  :)

    Milo seems very concerned about having his viewers pay for episodes, but consider this: the Kickstarter (or whatever service that is used) will likely be sponsored by a fair number of people like me, who are willing to pay extra to support a project that we believe will do humanity good.  Then after it’s paid for, the shows can be available for little or no cost (indeed, like any video nowadays, will inevitably be available for little or no cost) for the people that need them or want to learn from them the most.

    Crowdsourcing to some extent is being supported by your consumers, but it’s also about being supported by your *supporters*.

    Now back to my paintball anti-aircraft gun project.

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