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9 Responses to “Kittie chaser, for a very, very bad news day”

  1. xzzy says:

    YOUR RIGHT ARM IS CLEAN, OKAY? Stop licking it already!

  2. Jim Saul says:

    Laughing Squid posted one earlier today, in which the furry gentleman petitions most politely for a bit of petting, whenever such may be convenient.


  3. Henry Pootel says:

    This one has to be the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen…


  4. jimh says:


  5. IronEdithKidd says:

    Thank you, I needed that.

  6. Amazon JP produce placement?

    • gypsyspacemuffin says:

      Hahahaha. I was just going to comment on that myself.
      (Though how they might have fit all three of those cats in that one box for shipment is beyond me…I’ll just say Amazon’s real good at what they do, and leave it at that.)