Museum of Math opens in NYC


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  1. wysinwyg says:

    The math exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science was always my favorite so I’m not necessarily sure why anyone would assume a math museum would be boring.  Then again, I’m probably kind of a weird dude.

    • Jonathan Badger says:

      Yes, “Mathematica: A World of Numbers… And Beyond”. It was designed by the Eames (of chair fame). Really! They also did the “Powers of Ten” film you may have seen in school. 

      Unfortunately, from the article it sounds like this new math museum is far less content-heavy than Mathematica was and is just mostly fluff.

    • I loved watching the Möbius strip arrow curl around one side, one edge years before reading Flatland. And watching the mini-ping pong balls fall down and form a bell curve every time. Weird dudes unite!

  2. David Carron says:

    So I guess this is where you go to celebrate PI day.

  3. Field Trip!  -HS Math Teacher

  4. Ken Williams says:

    Why does a museum of math seem “counter-intuitive”?  Mathematics is one of the pinnacle achievements of the human race, and not many people understand that it’s a living, vibrant field.  The lack of math museums is what I find surprising.

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