Senate eyes "stalker" app ban


5 Responses to “Senate eyes "stalker" app ban”

  1. Halloween_Jack says:

    Uh… my phone (iPhone) does that already. And as long as Al Franken is being concerned about cyber-rights, has he taken a pledge not to support a SOPA/PIPA-type bill in the future?

    • Robert Drop says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it.  Do Android, Windoze phones, etc. not do that?  Or is the law insisting that each and every time the app collects location data it needs the OK (in which case it would seriously break a bunch of apps)?  If it’s just a single up-front “ok” then presumably when the stalker installs the app, they also give permission.  

  2. Marc45 says:

    At least someone is looking out for our privacy.  It must feel lonely being Al Franken in a sea of bought and paid for politicians.

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