Video: As The Pope Tweets

The His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI sends his very first tweet, on an iPad.

He accidentally deleted his first actual tweet, but I screengrabbed it.


  1. Funny to me as I once got a Grindr message while waiting for the Sistine Chapel. Was 300 meters away, photo was just of a priest colar. Can’t remember what his line was, but it was something nasty in Latin like ‘beautiful boy’. Parents asked me why I was laughing. Yeah….

    1.  Seriously? About the only part of that that’s not likely is the Latin part, because the Vatican is about the only place on earth that still uses it (and I think that they’ve actually dropped it as their official language by now).

      1. Who’s to say he didn’t think it was a good conversation starter? I’ve seen much odder things on there. Wish I still had the screengrab

  2. I agree wholeheartedly both with the comedic nature of this post and with a previous post supporting the statement, “Rape jokes are never funny.” Now I feel some confusion.

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