Against Security: a sociologist looks at security theater


12 Responses to “Against Security: a sociologist looks at security theater”

  1. B E Pratt says:

    Sounds like sane stuff. Which, of course, means it will never be implemented. 

  2. BillStewart2012 says:

    If you think the reason for Security Theater is to produce Security, you’re still part of the target audience.

  3. Iphinome Iphinome says:

    But petty tyrants already make up new arbitrary rules on the spot. Why call for more of that?

    • abstract_reg says:

      I’m betting that given the power and expectation to use their personal judgment, most people (even in homeland security) wouldn’t cause undo hardship on people. It’s a lot easier to be a jerk when you are not personally responsible for your actions.

  4. flyingmonkey says:

    This is indeed an excellent and very wise book, which I would urge everyone interested in the issues to buy. I also had the privilege of having Harvey present a precis of the argument in this book in a session I organised at a conference in NY earlier this year and he was a lovely man in person.

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